Do Black people need sunscreen

Father and son embracing the sunshineFather and son embracing the sunshine

Do Black people need sunscreen is a question increasingly being asked - according to research statistics - by people with dark skin types who want to enjoy being outdoors and all the goodness that comes with sunshine and fresh air!

Understanding the capabilities of your own skin type to deal with the sun's UV rays essentially enables you to embrace being outdoors in the sunshine without damaging your health but rather boosting your immune system by allowing your body to create Vit D.

There have been varying historical perceptions that a dark skin type does not need to wear sunscreen.

I came across a really interesting publication through The British Journal of Dermatology called  "Photoprotection for Individuals With Skin of Colour". 

It highlights the benefits of photo protection for people with a dark skin colour. 'Photoaging, photo-carcinogenesis, and photo-exacerbation of pigmentary disorders are among the conditions for which photo-protection is beneficial."

Further to this, they deduce that in order to promote the use of sunscreens sunscreen for dark-skinned individuals, sunscreen formulations need to address:


added benefits

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