Black tea extract

Camellia sinensis, is a black tea, containing a Natural certificate, uncontaminated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is non-GMO

Black tea extract has been called a 'natural alternative to sunscreen' with the results obtained from clinical tests.

Black tea extractIllustration of Black Tea used for the extract

Black tea absorbs UVB (enhancing the zinc oxide SPF of sunumbra® sunscreens) but not all UVA rays so its primary function is to reduce burning.

Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidised than oolong, white or green teas. All four of these teas are made from the leaves of the small shrub or tree called Cameillia sinensis.

The extract's protective qualities are:

  • prevention of skin damage and sunburn by absorbing UVB rays
  • repairing of UV induced damage to the skin cells

This two-fold capability is not provided by conventional chemical sunscreens that only block the UVB rays by absorption.

In addition, black tea extract has no known toxicological side effects.

Its skin repair properties are due to its antioxidant components. A large body of scientific literature indicates that black tea extract helps repair UV induced skin damage by repairing DNA damage inside the skin cells.

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